Illegal Immigration

In 2004 I was the first Mayor in Arizona to refuse to accept the Matricula Counsular card. In 2007 Gilbert was apparently the first community in Arizona to turn illegal immigrants over to federal immigration officials for deportation.

The illegal immigrants actually held a protest against me, in Mesa.

When I talked to the protesters and asked why they were protesting the Mayor of Gilbert in the City of Mesa they replied "we are afraid you will deport us if we come to Gilbert".

My stated position on illegal immigration is pretty simple "if you are in this country illegally if you come to Gilbert, you need to be on your best behavior, because if you break a law, we will send you home".

I have included some to the e-mails I got on this subject as well as news clips on the topic.

Citizen Support: eMails to the Mayor about Illegal Immigration

Newspaper Articles - Illegal Immigration