Since taking office again in 2001 Gilbert has consistently ranked among the fastest growing communities in the United States. While I am certainly proud that so many people want to call Gilbert home, I am even more proud of the fact that even in the face of tremendous growth, we have expanded and improved services. It was no surprise to me that in 2007 Annual Head of Household survey 98% of Gilbert citizens like living here. Money Magazine ranked Gilbert as the 16th Best Place to live in the United States. Only one other Arizona made the top 100.

Since 2001 we have built:
6,277,894 square feet of Retail Buildings
3,282,163 square feet of Office Buildings
1,115,786 square feet of Industrial Buildings

Three new hospitals
Four new automobile dealers
Five new power centers
One new regional mall,

Completed the 49,000 square foot Freestone Recreation Center
Gilbert Soccer Complex, 17 fields, rest rooms/concession buildings
Five miles to the central trails system
Greenfield JHS Pool, 25 meter pool with water features
Gilbert New Senior Center
Perry Branch Library

Gilbert Recycles and in 2006 our recycling contract was the highest in the state at $42 per ton for commingled recycle.

Our commercial collection is now profitable and our large demand reclaimed water users have nearly doubled.

Transportation is critical to any community and we have added 322 miles of roads and 122 traffic signals since 2001.

Quality of Life is important, but Public Safety is critical. Since 2001 we have:

Built a 178,00 Square Ft Public Safety Complex, Housing our courts, police and fire administration

Hired 117 Firefighters
Built five new fire stations
Replaced two fire stations to accommodate personnel and equipment
Added a Hazardous Material Unit
Reduced Response time from 4:32 to 4:12, a 20% decrease

Hired 96 Police Officers
Built San Tan Sub Station
Reduced Priority 0 Response Time from 8:02 to 4:59 a 44% decrease
Solved all Homicide cases since 2001

Gilbert has the lowest Crime Rate in Arizona
Gilbert has the 23rd lowest Crime rate in the United States.